Swimslow is a responsible swimwear brand. Designed in Iceland and made in Italy out of recycled quality fabrics. With focus on minimizing environmental impact and the nowness in life, the philosophy behind Swimslow springs from the local culture and history of bathing in the Icelandic swimming pools.

We don't believe in swimming seasons - swimming is a part of the daily life in Iceland and the designer took inspiration from her ritual trips to the local pool and the wooden sauna and mixed it with her experience to be in the now.

The swimsuits are made from sustainable materials with every detail tended to with regards to design and production. We put an emphasis on making women feel good and we want the whole production process to be a transparent one, from the first design to the final product.

The weave in the swimsuits is from used materials such as rugs and fish nets. It's made in Slovenia with an emphasis on the lowest possible impact on the environment. The material is then made in Northern Italy and is OEKO- TEX® certified. The swimsuits are then cut and sewn in the same region, just a few kilometres from the factory that makes the material.

The swimsuits have classic silhouettes, clean lines and sharp tailoring. The designer finds challenge in the simplicity of things and the outcome is all in once modern, subtle, timeless and elegant with an underlying rawness and sensitivity.



Andrá Reykjavík 
Laugavegur 16
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Kormákur og Skjöldur
Leifsstöð (KEF Airport)
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